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About Us

Established in 2004 Devonport Holiday Houses  - we have been happily running, creating and moving forward with the business.  For the first few years we owned and managed 5 properties and in the last couple of years we have seen the business explode. 

Kathy Sykes is the owner and driver behind Devonport Holiday Houses - instinctively entrepenuer with a strong drive motorised by energy and passion she goes about creating and running Devonport Holiday Houses.   A 5th generation New Zealander but brought up in Hawaii her strong global experiences are reflected in her approach to the business. 
A devoted and involved mother she sees her mothering as her life's work but now that her children are developed and great citizens of this world she see's Devonport Holiday Houses as part of that devotion
Each guests stay is considered unique - guests are greeted with a WELCOME LETTER on arrival with information relevant to their stay and a fresh breeze fills each accommodation waiting for the guests arrival.

We now have a  small but effective team of gals to support Devonport Holiday Houses - Helen, Shelly, Sarah  Lucy & Leanna  help with the business at all levels  - Shelly and Helen are   born and bred in Devonport and  come with expertise on the area and houses.   It is interesting hearing of all the "back in the day" stories of Devonport and the surrounding areas.