Available:  Year round     KAYAKS   - Life Jackets!!

"Whispering Tides" is a very high end one bedroom accommodation in Bayswater Point, Bayswater
Very discerning in its presentation from top end Turkish linen and towels.  Stunning furnishings and drapes  - if you are discerning in how you live "Whispering Tides" will attract your discernment.     Situated in Shoal Bay with the water lapping at the bottom of the garden - enjoy sitting on the outdoor furniture or swing.   There are Kayaks for you to use for a relaxed row around Shoal Bay.     This is a "magical position" and represents all that is good about living in New Zealand.    We know you would enjoy staying here.

$200.00 per night  minimum stay is one week.   Please do not hesitate to email us on [email protected] for an extended rate (over a month)

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