Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions   - Thank you for choosing to have Devonport Holiday Houses look after your house. Below are the Terms and Conditions  - please print off and sign. When we come to view and discuss your house we will collect the signed form.
1. These Terms and Conditions are between the owner and Devonport Holiday Houses.
2. Devonport Holiday Houses is not responsible for the Owner complying with any tax obligations resulting from the Property being rented to guests. These obligations remain the sole responsibility and liability of the Owner.
Rents and Payments
4. Before guests arrival Devonport Holiday Houses will collect all costs related to their specific booking. DHH will deduct 20% as commission plus cost of supplies. There is GST on the commission received. DHH will make payments due to the owner within 3 days of a guest’s arrival or by mutual agreements. 
We have a minimum commission dependant on the size of the house – for a one bedroom it is $150.00 
Bookings and Availability
5. The Owner will notify DHH of any changes to the availability of the accommodation for bookings.
6. If you have your property listed with another agent DHH must be notified.   It is the owner’s responsibility to indicate to DHH the charge of the accommodation with another agent.   It is the owner’s responsibility to notify DHH of any bookings with the other agent.  This also applies to owners that secure their own bookings.
7.If the booking is through AirBNB there is a longer period between the guests arrival and payment due to the process’s of AirBNB. The payment from an AirBNB booking takes longer then the normal 3 days after guests arrive.  AirBNB charges the owner a small fee which is deducted off the total paid to the owner. 
8. There is no charge to have your house listed on DHH website.
9. If listed on other portals where there is a charge the cost is deducted off the first booking or a subsequent booking.
Bond, House and Contents Insurance
10. It is the owner’s responsibility to have adequate house and contents insurance. The owner must notify their respective Insurance Companies that they are having paying guests in their house.   If anything does break or is damaged then it is the owner’s responsibility to make a claim with your insurance company.  DHH is not responsible for any breakages or damages.
Condition of Property
11.   Before the first rental and arrival of guests the house must be spotless.   Oven needs to be spotless and windows professionally cleaned.  All light bulbs must be in working order.   Gas bottles for the BBQ must be full.
12..   If DHH in its reasonable opinion determines and decides cleaning of the property is required before the first booking such cleaning will be at the owners expense and not necessarily be advised to the owner in advance. If DHH in its reasonable opinion determines and decides cleaning of the property is required following personal or family use (if used inbetween DHH bookings and guests)  such cleaning will be at the owners expense and not necessarily be advised to the owner in advance.
13.  The Owner will ensure all aspects of the Property, including all smoke detectors and other amenities are in safe and proper working order. Should smoke detectors not be in working order DHH will replace the smoke detectors and there will be a charge.  Fire extinguishers need to be in obvious places eg: kitchen
Health and Safety
14,. The Owner has obligations under New Zealand Health and Safety Legislation to ensure the health and safety of those  staying at the Property including DHH representatives. . The Owner will conduct an initial inspection of the Property to ensure it complies with relevant legislation.  The owner will give notice to DHH in writing of any new Health and Safety risks at the property.
Liability and Indemnity
15. DHH will not  be liable whether in contract, tort or otherwise for any direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to damage to the house and any chattels on the Property) suffered by the Owner or otherwise arising in connection with these Terms.
16.  DHH is not responsible for any booking cancellation(s). DHH  will make every effort to find guests to replace the cancelled booking.  The owner is not compensated for any cancelled booking.
Arrival and Departure Procedures, Access
17. The Owner will not go on to the Property while a DHH guest is in residence at  the Property, unless otherwise agreed with DHH and the guest.  On the day of the guest departure DHH will perform an Exit Inspection.
 18.   Either may terminate the owners agreement by providing a minimum of one months written notice to the other, provided that if DHH has forward bookings of the property then such termination will only take effect after the completion of all bookings.